There are many backyard landscaping ideas that you can make unique to your home and the area it surrounds. You can easily find many cheap and easy organic landscape ideas for your yard. How homeowners decide to design their landscape can easily result in positive benefits on the environment and overall public health.


It Provides Freedom Against Pesticides

If you use native plants in your landscape, chances are most of them have developed defenses against harmful elements like unwanted pests and diseases. Reducing or eliminating your pesticide use keeps toxins out of our creeks and watersheds and also lets natural pest control, without the use of pesticides, take over.


Promotion of Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling

The use of organic maintenance in your yard reduces the leaching of pesticides into the waterstream, increasing the overall quality of our water. Organic maintenance utilizes mulch to conserve water and control unwanted weeds. It reduces harmful qualities of pesticides. Also, it reduces waste into compost and regulates costs of landscaping. Organic landscape advising is simple to find from local companies or social apps like Pinterest and Facebook.


“Organic maintenance utilizes mulch to conserve water and control unwanted weeds.”


It Will Save Water

When considering going organic, look into xeriscaping, or drought-tolerant landscaping. This saves loads of water because the plants can survive without a lot of moisture. Especially in summer months, organic landscapes will afford you the opportunity to water infrequently because they are programmed to thrive in the heat. If watering is necessary, try to do a deep washing. The lack of watering necessary will save you money and save the environment precious resources


You Can Try Landscape Fabric

Landscape fabric is an organic alternative that is perforated with holes, allowing water to soak through. The cost is low, and the fabric is covered with mulch, known for preserving soil and fighting off weeds. This is a beneficial organic choice because not only does it offer erosion control, but it also limits need for herbicide use, helps retain soil moisture, is financially friendly and prevents weed seeds from growing and compromising your beautiful landscape. However, it prevents earthworms from getting nutrients, which can compromise your soil, but there are ways to prevent this from occurring. The benefits of landscape fabric outweigh the drawbacks.


Are You Considering an Organic Landscape for Your Home?

Making the decision to design and install an organic landscape for your home can be a big project to tackle all on your own.  At Laural Landscapes, we have been partnering with homeowners across Contra Costa County for more than 20 years, helping to bring their dream outdoor spaces to life and transforming their backyards and front yards into beautiful, sustainable, environmentally friendly, organic spaces that last a lifetime.  A landscape design is a holistic creation. It moves, breathes, changes all the time. Each element in it: the hardscape, plants, water, sky; interact with each other to be a green symphony.

What do you want your plant song to be? A quiet place for meditation, sports area, wildlife sanctuary, vegetable garden or a combination of things. All are possible. Your plant song is going to be different from anybody else’s because you are different from anybody else.  Ready to get started? If you are in or around the communities of Concord, Walnut Creek, Lafayette or Orinda give us a call or contact us for your free consultation at (925) 274-0782.  Laural Landscapes, Organic by Design.





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