There are many ideas for people to add new landscaping to their front and backyard to keep it looking gorgeous for years to come. You can find many ideas on social apps like Pinterest, or come up with ideas of your own. Here are ten of the most popular ways you can transform your backyard landscaping into an amazing space you can enjoy for a lifetime.


1. Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor living spaces such as dining areas or pools, create another entertaining space in warm weather, and they give you less work! This is a low maintenance method of landscaping because you often do not have to put work into tending it. Stone patios and decks are the most popular.


2. Cozy Porches

Porches are a great landscaping idea because they provide a new space for living and entertaining. Ceilings prevent rain damage and fences around your patio can provide for some extra needed privacy. These are a good low maintenance option as well, especially if you make sure to protect them against weather damage.


3. Flowers, Flowers and More Flowers!

Flowers have a reputation for making your home look much more welcoming. Try assorted perennials for a modern, sleek look. Petunias and snapdragons are also common choices. Try to place a fence in front of the flowers because it gives an illusion that your home is farther from the back fence than it actually may be.


4. Tackle Your Weeds

Weeds draw moisture away from your flowers and damage the soil. Try to pull them regularly to ensure that your home also looks clean. Weeders are often cheap and easy to find and will be well-worth the purchase.


5. Geometric Paver Patterns

A cheap landscaping idea that adds instant appeal is the use of geometric paver patterns. If you have unused ground space, try pavers. Plant moss in order to contrast the area; the use of both of these methods will save you money and maintenance time while making your backyard look and feel amazing.


6. Planters for Everyone!

Try recycling household items such as wine crates or pallets in order to create a planter illusion. These are great homes for your plants and they give a visual focal point to your garden.


7. Curing Dead Grass

Dead grass is an eyesore and takes maintenance to fix, so try to avoid having dead grass. You can use landscaping fertilizers to give these a quick fix. (Contact a landscaper specializing in organic landscapes like Laural Landscapes, Organic by Design if you have questions.) Push a screwdriver into dead spots to see if they need to be cured.


8. Mulch Beds

If the use of grass makes you uneasy, try planting mulch beds. As mulch breaks down it fertilizes your plants and prevents excessive weeds. This is a low maintenance option because you do not have to tend to it much; it is also inexpensive.


9. Heated Furniture

Landscaping can be as simple as adding furniture strategically in your backyard. This adds the ability to move the party outside on warm summer nights and gives people something to look forward to.


10. Garden Surprises

Hidden elements in your garden spice up the appeal of the area. Design small hideaways where guests can gather for drinks or games. Try to extend your surprises to the very end of the garden to add suspense and excitement.


Are You Considering an Organic Landscape for Your Home?

Making the decision to design and install an organic landscape for your home can be a big project to tackle all on your own.  At Laural Landscapes, we have been partnering with homeowners across Contra Costa County for more than 20 years, helping to bring their dream outdoor spaces to life and transforming their backyards and front yards into beautiful, sustainable, environmentally friendly, organic spaces that last a lifetime.  A landscape design is a holistic creation. It moves, breathes, changes all the time. Each element in it: the hardscape, plants, water, sky; interact with each other to be a green symphony.

What do you want your plant song to be? A quiet place for meditation, sports area, wildlife sanctuary, vegetable garden or a combination of things. All are possible. Your plant song is going to be different from anybody else’s because you are different from anybody else.  Ready to get started? If you are in or around the communities of Concord, Walnut Creek, Lafayette or Orinda give us a call or contact us for your free consultation at (925) 274-0782.  Laural Landscapes, Organic by Design.





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