You can thank insects for your plethora of food choices from your backyard. Unfortunately, pollinators are in a crisis. There are many organizations and campaigns that aim to save the bees. Individuals need to think of more ways to save the pollinators that benefit our backyard growth. Anyone, no matter where they live, can play a part in saving bees and other insects in their backyard.


Grow Gardens Over Lawns
The first way people can save bees in their backyard is to try growing gardens. While lawns are a beautiful addition to your yard, they are really a waste of space in that they do not provide much benefit. Pollen-producing plants generally provide more sustainability for those insects. This will help bees and bugs find an easy place to eat instead of scrounging for food. Contact Laural Landscapes for some tips.

“Pollen-producing plants generally provide more sustainability for those insects.”

Try Edible Gardens

Going native is one of the best ways to create a sustainable and pollinator beneficial area. Edible gardens attract pollinators to the area and give them something to feed on. You can also toss a salad with edible flowers from your garden (insects won’t touch these), get Vitamin C, and have a natural essence.


Use Horticultural Oils

Oils are often used to control pests and keep your plants healthy. Once it dries, it is also safe for pollinators for frolic and not risk being killed by the scent. However, if pollinators approach certain plants be sure to spray them at night. When using horticultural oils, be sure to do a test of a few plants and wait three to four days to see if they have caused any harm.


Reduce Mulch Use

Try to leave some bare ground for bees to swarm around. About 70 percent of the bee population digs into roots to raise their families, which is impossible if there is mulch present. This will also save you money on landscaping because mulch can be expensive. If you are located in the San Francisco Bay Area, feel free to contact Laural Landscapes for more information.


Know Differences Between Pests and Pollinators

Pests are known for transmitting diseases and setting up shop in landscapes, ruining their longevity. Inversely, pollinators such as bees help flowering plants. The differences between these are specific, and it is important to be informed about both so that you do not harm an innocent insect or give way for a dangerous one to camp in your yard.


Are You Considering an Organic Landscape for Your Home?

Making the decision to design and install an organic landscape for your home can be a big project to tackle all on your own.  At Laural Landscapes, we have been partnering with homeowners across Contra Costa County for more than 20 years, helping to bring their dream outdoor spaces to life and transforming their backyards and front yards into beautiful, sustainable, environmentally friendly, organic spaces that last a lifetime.  A landscape design is a holistic creation. It moves, breathes, changes all the time. Each element in it: the hardscape, plants, water, sky; interact with each other to be a green symphony.

What do you want your plant song to be? A quiet place for meditation, sports area, wildlife sanctuary, vegetable garden or a combination of things. All are possible. Your plant song is going to be different from anybody else’s because you are different from anybody else.  Ready to get started? If you are in or around the communities of Concord, Walnut Creek, Lafayette or Orinda give us a call or contact us for your free consultation at (925) 274-0782.  Laural Landscapes, Organic by Design.





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