In Northern California, it is crucial to pick landscaping plants suited for the area’s climate. A plant’s longevity depends on the climate of the area, the temperature, and rainfall among others. It seems hard to pick specific plants but it is actually pretty easy to get started. If you are in or around the communities of Concord, Walnut Creek, Lafayette or Orinda, you can contact Laural Landscapes for help on choosing the right plants for your home or business! For now, here is a simple guide you can follow for picking your plants.

Keep Your Area in Mind

Northern California is known for its distinct climate. Its humidity and rainfall levels are often changing, so it’s important to pick plans that can withstand any weather as opposed to only one. Also, keep the drought in the back of your mind because this can be very detrimental to your plants. California native plants that do not normally reside in creeks or ponds are generally very drought resistant.

Accentuate Your Landscaping

Though most people do not realize it, switching up your landscape is not only a painless task, but it can be fun and drastically improve the curb appeal of your home. Try using the same plants already in your yard or add appeal by placing planters, hanging plant baskets, or allowing tall plants to grow naturally. We encourage customers to pick native plant species and avoid any invasive species.

Doing this will add curb appeal and make sure your garden can thrive in the Northern California climate. You can even paint your planters to have a customized look!

Group Plants Similarly

If you were arranging books by genre, you wouldn’t put a thriller next to a children’s book. The same goes for plants. Be sure to group your plants with those with similar needs regarding water, sun, and soil. Gardener Forrest Lockhart recommends planting those with the highest water needs closest to the house and the least thirsty plants around the perimeter of the garden.

Find Reliable Information

Selecting good native plants is arguably the most important thing you can do for your garden, so don’t skimp on finding good resources., a website developed by CNPS and UC Berkeley’s Jepson Herbarium, is a vital resource homeowners can use to get detailed plant information, find nurseries nearby and even create plant lists. Another great option is Laural Landscapes, which is a perfect resource for people located near Concord, Walnut Creek, Lafayette or Orinda.

Are You Considering an Organic Landscape for Your Home?

Making the decision to design and install an organic landscape for your home or business can be a big project to tackle all on your own.  At Laural Landscapes, we have been partnering with homeowners across Contra Costa County for more than 20 years, helping to bring their dream outdoor spaces to life and transforming their backyards and front yards into beautiful, sustainable, environmentally friendly, organic spaces that last a lifetime.  A landscape design is a holistic creation. It moves, breathes, changes all the time. Each element in it: the hardscape, plants, water, sky; interact with each other to be a green symphony.

What do you want your plant song to be? A quiet place for meditation, sports area, wildlife sanctuary, vegetable garden or a combination of things. All are possible. Your plant song is going to be different from anybody else’s because you are different from anybody else.  Ready to get started? If you are in or around the communities of Concord, Walnut Creek, Lafayette or Orinda give us a call or contact us for your free consultation at (925) 274-0782.  Laural Landscapes, Organic by Design.



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