Designing a garden is a riveting and painless task. More and more often, people are choosing landscaping ideas that do not involve usage of grass. Grass free yards ideas and other no grass landscapes are popular because they are low maintenance and require almost no prep. Here are some easy and likeable ideas for landscaping your yard that don’t involve grass.


Potted Gardens

What is a flat lawn next to a beautiful array of container gardens? Trade in your lawn mower for a simple pot and watering can for a new spin on landscaping. This is a simple idea for landscaping, and it may take a bit of maintenance but you can spin it any way you like and have good results.


Carving Slopes

Mowing is a chore on sloping backyards and takes a while to create the perfect mow. Owners have chosen to carve out spaces to create sunken brick patios. Stone retaining walls provide overflow seating when guests are over and help keep the slope in place.


Circles and Squares

The use of different shapes allows for variety in your landscape. Company Folia Horticultural and Design started by pouring in square slabs and hand placing other stones to create their contemporary garden. You can choose to align yours with shrubs to create a more unique, environmental look.


Going Xeric

Xeriscaping is a common mode of landscaping in which plants that thrive with as little water as possible (e.g. succulents) are chosen. A xeriscape does not have to consist entirely of cacti, as you can still cut back on water use with vivid and colorful landscapes.


Zen Retreats

Creating a zen retreat is a popular choice because it provides year round joy. The use of planting beds add texture while keeping the area serene. You can also use succulents, which require little water, to spice up your landscape


Easy Care Front Yards

Front yards are the best place to change your landscape because everyone will see it at some point. They are also easiest to maintain. You can use flagstone paths to carve through the yard and add illusion of a path. The use of plants and soil on the sides add interest and can be environmentally friendly because they soak up excess water.


Are You Considering an Organic Landscape for Your Home?

Making the decision to design and install an organic landscape for your home can be a big project to tackle all on your own.  At Laural Landscapes, we have been partnering with homeowners across Contra Costa County for more than 20 years, helping to bring their dream outdoor spaces to life and transforming their backyards and front yards into beautiful, sustainable, environmentally friendly, organic spaces that last a lifetime.  A landscape design is a holistic creation. It moves, breathes, changes all the time. Each element in it: the hardscape, plants, water, sky; interact with each other to be a green symphony.

What do you want your plant song to be? A quiet place for meditation, sports area, wildlife sanctuary, vegetable garden or a combination of things. All are possible. Your plant song is going to be different from anybody else’s because you are different from anybody else.  Ready to get started? If you are in or around the communities of Concord, Walnut Creek, Lafayette or Orinda give us a call or contact us for your free consultation at (925) 274-0782.  Laural Landscapes, Organic by Design.





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