Let's Get Growing!
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I have a passion for all things green and growing and the creatures who call gardens their home. My mission to create beautiful, functional, organic landscapes began in 1988. I have a particular fondness for trees, and there is no job more joyous than one involving working in and around the canopy of trees.

My passion began in kindergarten when it amazed me that green, vibrant life could spring from something that looked like a pebble. The class experiment in growing beans had me hooked. Since that time I have been mesmerized by the beauty and interconnectedness of the natural world. I learned tree climbing and IPM techniques with Bartlett Tree Experts before starting Laural Landscapes.

Specializing in Trees and native organic gardens, I work with homeowners and commercial establishments to create outdoor beauty where they live and work. My staff of 8 will work together with you to make your garden dreams come true.